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Project Anandi: One step for her…

Menstruation is an important and delicate topic in every woman’s life. Unfortunately, even today, we avoid openly discussing this sensitive issue, which has far-reaching consequences for women’s mental and physical health. To break this ‘silence’ in society and to support women, the project ‘Anandi’ has been launched. Honorable MLA of Nilanga Constituency, this initiative was inspired by Mr. Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar’s concept as well as the remuneration he received.

Nature of Activity: Awareness in society on the subject of ‘Menstruation’.
To sensitise school and college youth about the use of
sanitary pads.
Free distribution of sanitary pads to needy women and girls.
Creation of production clusters of sanitary pads at rural
and local levels.
All round development of women.
2800 Awareness workshops in schools
Focus on reaching out to 1 lakh 40 thousand female students

Project Anandi
Project Anandi
Project Anandi
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