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our inspiration

The inspiration “Akka” a straightforward, disciplined, hardworking, realistic lady always listens to voices unheard and recognizing potential where others see them despair, creates hope in a cynical world and builds basis for dignity. Her visionary leadership realised that, the future of the next generation will be bright only if there is a balance between nature & human. She created plans accordingly and implemented it unselfishly for solving the problems at all levels. All the hard work was done to get the cooperation of the underprivileged persons. She earned support of thousands of families by working tirelessly with dedication which is the real inspiration of millions of people. Indeed it is inspiring when the work started from the basic ideology of “realise and plan the present so that the problem does not recur in future” reaches a large level. An iconic example of simple living and high thinking motivated the “Akka Foundation” to constitute the work started by Resp. Akka. The foundation continued her work of bringing thousands of families out of the pit and shaped many future generations.

She constituted a role model for living in circumstances, tackling situation with realistic approach and equally performing various roles of women in her individual as well social life together. “Akka’s” problem solving techniques and wholeheartedness inspired the foundation to start our journey and formally propounded as “Akka Foundation”. The mission and its values tirelessly empowering the women as well other dimension of social responsibilities.

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