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We will not be able to tackle environmental decline, rising inequality and economic uncertainty unless we take a comprehensive and inclusive approach. Empowerment is one way to get the underprivileged to come to realise their worth and potential in the face of a dominated world.

The five dimensions Empowerment. Economic Empowerment, Cultural Empowerment, Societal Empowerment, National Empowerment. Extracted from the data were freedom of movement, economic security and stability, support by family and freedom from domination, decision-making in daily life, and relationship with the community / participation in society.

We identify the opportunities and constraints for poverty reduction and sustainable overall rural developing. We take measures by institutions and governments to act on them. We create linkages between sectors like agriculture, services, manufacturing. Managing flows of people, goods, information and wastes across for upliftment. We also trace Special schemes aimed at social, educational and economic empowerment of the groups mentioned. Scholarships, hostels, residential schools, skill training, concession loans and subsidy for self-employment, etc. Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers in alternative occupations. Programmes of care and support to senior citizens. Prohibition. Rehabilitation of victims of alcoholism and substance abuse, and their families. Awareness generation, research, evaluation and training in regard to subjects allocated to the Department. Charitable and Religious Endowments and promotion and development of Voluntary Effort pertaining to subjects allocated.

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