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Every living being possessed immanent connatural qualities. The fact that cannot be neglected is everybody craves about more secure, prosperous, and dignified life which they actually deserve for it. The current scenario of monarchy and tyrannical activities in the world and conflicts over fit and unfit are leading to despair for the layman. Especially when we consider the deprived, underprivileged, and unread voices from levels of society along the length and breadth, most of them are not even asked for fundamental necessities. So no question arises about luxuries. Thereupon the needy, unfit, and deficient ones are depressed continually resulting in the inability of living live happily.


Logo Considering the aforesaid and allied problems and overcome them, The Akka foundation is founded. It provides opportunities, motivation, availability of resources, financial support and skills development for the holistic development of economically, socially underprivileged citizens and to make them permanently self-reliant. It is not just an organization but a family.

While working towards the ultimate goal of holistic development, meeting the basic needs and solving current problems has remained the priority of the organization. At the same time, the organization is trying to create new systems so that future generations will not have these problems again.

In addition to this continuous work is being done on water crisis, education, agricultural training, women empowerment, soil conservation, farmer counselling and so on. Its positive effects are being seen in the society today. The organizational team works together to preserve Indian culture in a way that enhances the skills of rural citizens and provides them with world-class opportunities.

Uniqueness comes from the natural form of any individual, society. The organization is working to make its citizens self-reliant for the global competition while preserving this traditional feature of India.

Foundation designs and promotes the rural development policy that creates opportunities, build resilience, and provide solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in India’s poorest communities. Building its beliefs in grassroots by addressing the foundation’s mission such as  water security, food security, and social justice, focus on gender equality and women’s empowerment.


Our Vision

Empowering the Underprivileged for Bringing Them in Mainstream of Life by Facilitating Opportunities and Skills to Lead a Self-Sustainable, Happy and Healthy Life.

Our Mission

  • Identifying and imparting inherent worth of all unheard and unrecognizing voices
  • Providing leadership skills, trainings, and interventions for facilitating life standards
  • Persistent endeavour to imbibe moral and professional ethics by emphasizing extension work to reach out to the society.
  • Treading the path to meet the heath guidelines
  • Developing blends of innovative and traditional inputs with Cultural humility and Social harmony
  • Fosters creativity, collaboration, and mutual learning by Promoting sustainable farming practices.
  • Integrating rural and global strengths through women entrepreneurship
  • Address socio-economical and environmental trends by Nature conservation, water security, rural development,Soil conservation
  • Adoption of the developed technologies


Respected Akka, Smt. Rupatai Patil Nilangekar is the inspiration for all volunteers who have joined this organization under her sensitive visionary leadership and working over the decades with a spirit of sustainable social upliftment. About 40 years ago, Reverend Akka started this work unilaterally without any formality and support. Many years of continuous work speeded over the generations. The Group remained in progress for the needs of the needy and deprived. The benefited and empowered people got inspired, came together and took the initiative to help other members of the society. This took shape of large scale family which then initiated streamlines according to teachings Resp. Akka and treaded the path to meet the standards of life. As a family, various social and cultural events were organized in line with the mission. When the need arose to give an organized formal form, the volunteers brought the family together in the form of an organization. Under progressive path the foundation is incorporated various sections of the society as the organizational work.

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